Dissertation Chapters Assistance

Dissertation chapters, including introduction, literature review, methodology, results, and discussion, are all very important in determining the quality of your work. If your dissertation chapters lack clarity or do not meet the requirements set for academic writing, the result of your work is likely to be unimpressive.

Dissertation chapter must not only meet the requirements, but also be related to each other, bringing cohesion to your writing. Our team of experienced writers is skilled in writing dissertation chapters according to strict academic requirements. We know not only how to organize all information in a proper way, but also how to format the writing correctly. If you need help with writing your dissertation chapters, you have an opportunity to work with our experienced dissertation writers.

Literature Review Dissertation

Literature review dissertation is one of the first chapters you should write. Of course, literature review dissertation is written after your research proposal has been approved and you have you developed a detailed outline. There are several important issues to consider while writing a literature review dissertation:

  1. Sources must be reliable and recent. Of course, sometimes you may need to refer to sources published many decades ago (in case with a history dissertation, for example); however, the quality of your sources must be academic. It is a bad idea to refer to websites and personal blogs.
  2. Sources must be relevant. Many students mistakenly assume that literature review is not important or is the easiest part of dissertation chapters. However, your literature review will not be accepted by your dissertation counselor if it contains irrelevant information.
  3. Literature review must be organized with headings. The reader should have a clear picture of your literature review. You should identify the gap in current knowledge on your topic and prove the importance of conducting research in your chosen field.
  4. All sources cited in text must be included in a reference list. You cannot leave a single quote or author unattended. Otherwise, you may have face issues with plagiarism.

Methodology Dissertation

Methodology dissertation chapter is the most difficult to write. You need to present your research methods as well as include justification for your choice. Our dissertation writers are ready to help you with writing methodology dissertation chapter. We have already written more than 2,000 dissertations on a variety of topics and we know how to write relevant methodologies.

Dissertation Discussion and Dissertation Introduction

Dissertation discussion and dissertation introduction chapters are very important as well. While dissertation discussion chapter is written when all data is collected and analyzed, dissertation introduction is traditionally written last. It is a mistake to start dissertation writing process with introduction chapter.

We are ready to help you with any dissertation chapter writing. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you with this challenging, extremely important project.